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[Saturday’s 5pm pst. / 8pm est.] Special Event shows


Universal Talk is an interactive talk show that explores everything spirituality!  This show was not only brought back (it ran from 2009 – 2011) but reinvented as your hosts discuss everything from consciousness, ascension, science, the transformation Earth is currently experiencing, and everything in between!  In an effort to broaden awareness and “connect the dots”, the show’s hope is to bring people together to understand and discuss what is presently going on all around us today, where we came from and our history, where we’re headed in the future, and to do all of this by working TOGETHER.

The aim is to reach and relate to as many people as possible, regardless of their current awareness. All points of view, opinions, and perspectives are not only accepted, they are welcomed and crucial to this show! There is no judgment, criticism or argument (maybe a healthy debate every now and again) as all points of view are not only valid but help to expand the mind through healthy conversation no matter what perspective or level of consciousness you’re coming from.

So not only are there a multitude of concepts discussed but guests brought on to help with this mission. Because of the diversity in perspectives, subjects and guests, it’s expected that not every show or subject matter will always resonate with each person tuning in, but the variety is necessary to reach all audiences on a larger scale and not limit the show to any particular group or level of awareness.

This shouldn’t discourage anyone from checking out other shows and their content but hopefully inspire listeners to recommend certain content to people they may know who will resonate or are able to relate to those subjects to expand their minds as well! And as always, if you have certain requests for future shows or guests that will interest you, please be sure to ask!

So join Joe Marra as he explores all facets of reality we call life, and please be an active role in the conversation by taking part in the LIVE Chat during the show or by asking your questions for the show, hosts or guests, giving your perspective, or show requests, prior or after the shows on Universal Talk’s parent brand website – A Guiding Lite – in the Forum Section!

Enjoy the show!