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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head We survived the End of Days Celebration! [Part 2]

End of Days p2All Doomsday stuff aside we survived it all, and now we will continue where we started this Friday. Tonight’s show was to have Stephen Bassett on live but he wasn’t able to make it on to the show so I ran a replay of an older interview with him, and then came back on air to talk to old radio friend Jamie Havican of Inception Radio along with PSN RADIO’s own Zodwriter.

We will have Stephen live on Friday December 28th 2012 at 11pm est.. This should be the final episode ever on a Friday of the show. I know we were supposed to have a new show on Fridays but that didn’t work out so the slot is still open, and I wanted to throw in a few more shows on Friday to end the year.

So with that said we survived the supposed end of days! All I can say is that the Mayans are full of shit…

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PSN Get’s SEXY!!!

Well folks it was only a matter of time before we at PSN RADIO expanded into the world of sex talk radio! Well Cyber space has give us adult content before but never like the one brought to us by ZodWriter himself.

The show is called “Cyber Love Talk!” hosted by himself, Victoria, and Feisty Brunet!

This is a show which promises to be both sexy, and edgy… Tune in every Saturday 9PM est only on

Posted by Angel Espino

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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head W/ Jim Okon [06/01/2012]




First half hour of the show we had on HollywoodRape sitting as sidekick, and took a call from ZodWriter, and Darrel. We then had a call from my good friend Jose Rosario who called in to ask how I felt about the news that the DC U announced that we now have a GAY member of the Green Lantern Corp. Listen in to get my feelings on the subject, HollywoodRapes feelings on the subject as well as the other guys on the line.




After we shot the shit for a bit we went on break, and took in the guest of tonights show Mr James A O’Kon!

James O’Kon

James O’Kon


Lost in the Rainforest, an Undiscovered Maya Structure Reveals New Evidence of Ancient Technology… The discovery by James O’Kon of the unknown suspension bridge at the ancient city of Yaxchilan in Mexico came as a shock to archeologists who had studied the site for decades.

In his new book, The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology, O’Kon recounts the thrilling realization of what he discovered and how he used modern methods to examine and prove the existence of the spectacular bridge, and other exciting revelations about previously unknown Mayan constructions.

With 40 years as an award-winning structure engineer and as the explorer of more than 50 remote Mayan sites, O’Kon makes for a fascinating interviewee.

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