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The Zodwriter Show “Free For All!”


This episode covers a wide range of topics from Palcohol to Superheroes to Star Wars to the NBA announcement. There is something for everybody here! Parental Advisory: California Guy‘s appearance contains explicit language.

Special Thanks to California Guy and Alex “2.0” for joining the show!

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The Zodwriter Show W/ Jan Rabson!


Jan Rabson

Voice acting Legend Jan Rabson joins The ZodWriter Show to share his thoughts and some stories about his career. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with the man behind the voice of Tetsuo from Streamline Pictures 1988 English Dubbed version of AKIRA! Thank-You again Jan Rabson!

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The Zodwriter Show W/ Bey Logan!

Bey3Film producer, screenwriter, actor, author Bey Logan joins The ZodWriter Show to discuss his career and share his passions for Hong Kong Cinema.

Bey Logan (born 15 November 1961) is an expert on East Asian cinema, particularly Hong Kong action cinema. He is also notable as a screenwriter, film producer and as a martial artist (trained in Hung Gar) who has had (mostly minor) roles in a number of films, including the 2003 Dante Lam film The Twins Effect.

He has written a book – Hong Kong Action Cinema, an introduction to the subject. Logan was a founder and editor of Impact magazine, and has provided audio commentaries for over 120 East Asian films released on DVD. He is also an international representative of the Wong Fei Hung Museum in Foshan, Guangdong.

Logan has also worked as a producer on such films as The Twins Effect, Dragon Squad, Blood Bond, Beach Spike, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: Green Destiny and the forthcoming Lady Bloodfight.

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The Zodwriter Show W/ Roberto Williams


Roberto Williams

Writer, Director, Playwrite Roberto Williams returns to The ZodWriter Show to celebrate the upcoming debut of his Batman stage play Fathers Of The Dark Knight! This interview is fun, informative and awesome. Don’t miss the epic debate of sorts at the end of the show between Roberto Williams and‘s Tha Jackal!

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The Zodwriter Show W/ Arlene Barshinger


Actress/Producer Arlene Barshinger joins The ZodWriter Show to discuss her career and share her sheer awesomeness! This is must hear radio!

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