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Jesus images ‘crops up’ beside motorway

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:16 AM on 5th August 2010

Drivers speed along one of Britain’s busiest motorways completely oblivious to the Holy presence that surrounds them.

For two crop circles depicting the face of Jesus Christ have appeared on either side of the M4 near Hungerford in Berkshire.

The two almost identical circles, both 250ft in diameter, seem to portray Jesus Christ in an image resembling the world famous Shroud of Turin.

The two crop circles in fields of wheat either side of the M4 near Hungerford, Berkshire, both resemble the face of Jesus Christ in the world famous Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be the cloth used to cover Christ at the time of his burial and the face on the shroud is believed to be the face of Jesus himself.

Crop circle expert, Karen Alexander, said: ‘These circles are causing quite a stir in the crop circle community. The last time a face appeared as a crop circle was in 2002 when an alien face appeared at Sparsholt in Hampshire. Farmers whose land is used to make the circles worry that they will be inundated with visitors seeking a religious experience.’

But with the Harvest Festival approaching, they may regard the crops in the fields of wheat as a good omen. [Continue]

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Travis Walton UFO Story…DEBUNKED???

Travis Walton

Travis Walton

Well as some of you might know Travis has been on my show “Tha Jackals Head” and I’ve spoken to him a couple of times, and we have mutual friends, and such.

I want to go on the record first off by saying that I believe Travis Walton 100% and that I am by nature a skeptical person in all things paranormal, and I’m the type of person that I have to see it to believe it, and well this story after years of doing my homework, and actually speaking to the man, and seeing for myself the kind of person Travis is.. I can say without a doubt that he’s as honest as they come, and is not lying about a thing.  [Continue]

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