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Rest in Peace to our good friend James W. Moseley

08-04-1931 - 11-16-2012

08-04-1931 – 11-16-2012

James Moseley was interested in UFO’s since the beginning of the modern era of Ufology in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold had his highly publicized sighting. Since then he has been a controversial figure, often focusing on the personalities and conflicts in UFO research. Beginning in 1954 he published a magazine called Saucer News for many years. Currently he sends out a newsletter called Saucer Smear. He says Saucer Smear is a humor and UFO-gossip journal for the “hard core” flying saucer buffs. Moseley will be sharing with us his history and his views on the hot UFO topics over the years.

He passed away today November 16, 2012 at a Key West, FL hospital several months after being diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.

Our deepest condolences to his family, and friends, and our thoughts, and prayers are with them from all of us on PSN RADIO.

“I do have a serious interest in UFOs,
and I did have a serious interest even back
when I was doing hoaxes, but my *approach*
is not serious. I like to enjoy myself.”
– James W. Moseley

Posted by Angel Espino

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