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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head [Burtonites vs Nolanites]

Tonight the epic war between The Burtonites, and The Nolanites come to a full conclusion on an epic battle live on Inside Tha Jackals Head!!

All are welcomed to call in for this battle royal style episode. This one will be the one show which will end this entire feud.

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New Design!

So I’ve been working on ideas on how to make the site better! If anyone has any ideas please drop them in this post.

As everyone can tell the site was down for most of Saturday morning due to maintenance work… But now the PSN RADIO site is fully operational again, and better then ever. We had some issues which could not be easily fixed the entire site had to be re built from scratch. So with that said now the glitches are over, and the site is working 100% again.

I want to thank those who contacted us as soon as they saw the site down… Means a lot to know you are watching over the network. :)

Posted by Angel Espino

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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head – Special Round Table Episode [10/27/2012]

Join Tha JAckaL & his friends on this special episode of Tha Jackals head first we started off talking about the cd “Michael” which was released a year ago from the Michael Jackson estate, and played a part of one of the songs then played music by an artist who sounds just like Michael named Jason Malachi! The music I played not only blew the guys away they thought his song sounded more like Michael Jackson then the official songĀ  by Michael Jackson from the cd “Michael” which is weird because it’s what everyone says. Jason really does sound just like Michael.

Hope you enjoy this very special edition of INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD!

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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head W/ Les & Zee Michaels [01/27/2012]

Les & Zee Michaels

Les & Zee Michaels

Tonight we welcome the great Les Michaels, and the gorgeous Zee Michaels who join the show to talk about their life with UFO Phil, and they both share their truth feelings on who UFO Phil really is.

Les also talks about his movie career, and they both make one thing clear! They are of no relation.

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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head – Music and News Night [01-24-2008]

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