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The Round Table Show “SONY GETS HACKED!” We have new members!

018The big news this week was the hacking of Sony, and the fall out since.  Tonight we covered some of the fall out, and also we welcomed two new members on the show who will become regulars on the show. As we all know we have a diverse show, and we have different co hosts on a weekly basis. The two new guys are going to fit right in! Also we went over our favorite & worst movies of 2014!

So please check out this show as it was a ton of fun!  On the Round Table tonight we have Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha, Tha Jackal, Cenobite, and Mr Whyte!

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The Zodwriter Show “Free For All!”


This episode covers a wide range of topics from Palcohol to Superheroes to Star Wars to the NBA announcement. There is something for everybody here! Parental Advisory: California Guy‘s appearance contains explicit language.

Special Thanks to California Guy and Alex “2.0” for joining the show!

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[iNSide] Tha Jackals Head W/ Steve Younis

Steve Younis

Steve Younis

Welcome all as we welcome back one of the good guys on the internet. Especially one of the good guys doing online radio, and he’s no stranger to this show Mr Steve Younis is going to be back on with me.

Steve Younis might be best known to my listeners as the man behind the website Superman Homepage. Which is where any, and all Superman fans like myself get their info. He’s been on the show before, and he’s also a podcaster, and is the ultimate insider when it comes to Superman reports, and news information on the web.

He’s a true gentleman, and a friend of ours here, and I cannot think of a better way to bring in our 3rd show of this new year than this! With none other then Steve Younis…

Check us out live at 10pm est! For now check out his websites, and make sure you bookmark them.

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The Zodwriter Show W/ Marc Pritchard  comics reviewer Marc Pritchard joins me and my guest co-host Scorpio Moon to discuss Smallville Season 11 comics. This is an episode that is over one year in the making.  Special thanks to Tha Jackal and TA for calling in and contributing to this epic event!

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The Zodwriter Show “Ben Affleck is Batman”

affleckjpgThis episode gets to the grit of the issues and explores Affleck’s casting from all sides.

Checkout this informative and debate filled show!

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