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The force is strong with JJ Abrams… Disney confirms!


JJ AbramsLooks like the Disney people have confirmed the news, and yes it’s now official Star Trek, and Super 8 director JJ Abrams will indeed be at the helm of the new Star Wars movie.

We spoke about this possible leaked news yesterday on the show “The Answer to movie troll insanity” which airs on on 9pm est. We discussed this, and we all agreed that this was probably for the best but we all were sort of disappointed at it because we were expecting him to be true to his word which was that he wasn’t going to do the movie. But it turns out the joke is on us! Because as Disney has released the news is out now, and yes he will direct it, and even was quoted on the major move. [Continue]

- by Angel Espino

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Marvel takes back Star Wars License from Dark Horse after 2013

Star-Wars-Dark-Empire-Cover-Dark-Horse-Comics-Trinity-Comics-Review1Well I guess back in October when the deal was announced most of the fans of the comic book knew that it was only a matter of time before Star Wars was not on Dark Horse anymore. Now after a couple of months we finally have word that indeed Blue Sky Disney has reported that the Dark Horse license is up after 2013, and will not be renewed which means it will revert back to Marvel who originally carried the Star Wars comic book line before Dark Horse which has now published Star Wars comics for over 20 years.

This report indicates that Marvel will begin publishing Star Wars comics (again) in 2015, when Star Wars Episode 7 premieres. “If accurate, that would give some time for Dark Horse to sell down its inventory and to clear the channel of Dark Horse Star Wars products before Marvel’s start shipping.” – John Wilson

After Star Wars leaves Dark Horse does have some decent prospects which could become the focal point of the company some are “cash cows”  but nothing like Star Wars. They do have two films based on Frank Miller comics are scheduled to release in 2013: Sin City 2 is shooting for a release in August, and the sequel to 300 is scheduled to release in October.

So there you have it folks. It looks like Disney/Marvel will be the home of Star Wars comics which really brings everything full circle since as pointed out Marvel who once published Star Wars was bought by Disney which then bought Lucasfilms, and now they are all under one umbrella.

It Simply cannot be said enough that 2015 cannot get here quick enough! As a Star Wars fan I personally cannot wait until we have more movies. The comic universe can only get better moving to a bigger house like Marvel. I love Dark Horse but this move makes sense for further stabilizing, and cashing in with the future of the Star Wars universe being a major cash cow. Disney paid a good 4.06Billion for the company with Star Wars being at the center of their purchase so you can’t blame Disney for wanting to put together the best way for them to bring back some of that money quickly.

Posted by Angel Espino

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