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Round Table Show “Vampires, Tumblers, and Bad Robots!”

018Join us for news, and geekdom! We start off by talking about the latest video back, and forth between STAR WARS Director JJ Abrams, and Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder.

This one shows the Millennium Falcon itself with what looked like the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy.

EPIC Video the link is here for all to view here.

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The Round Table Show “Star Wars announces it’s cast”


‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

Tonight Zodwriter, Tha Jackal, Johnny Alpha, and The Wolf all gathered to geek out over the news of the casting in STAR WARS Episode 7! Yes the official cast list is now out, and we know for a fact that the films will include the original cast from the original trilogy. Also Disney has said they might move EP7 back to a MAY release date! Which begs the question what does this mean for Batman vs Superman? Captain America 3? Will any of these movies have a chance at the box office? Listen in, and find out what the guys thought.

Mark Hamill ‘Knocked Out’ By ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Cast

Some people aren’t happy with the makeup of the “Star Wars: Episode VII” cast, but not Mark Hamill. The original trilogy stalwart tweeted his excitement about the group of actors assembled by director J.J. Abrams following the film’s first table read on Tuesday.

“Star Wars: Episode VII” will star John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac in lead roles, with Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Domhnall Gleeson, Max von Sydow and Adam Driver lending support. Abrams reportedly has one other role to cast, a part he had previously discussed with Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

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The Zodwriter Show “Free For All!”


This episode covers a wide range of topics from Palcohol to Superheroes to Star Wars to the NBA announcement. There is something for everybody here! Parental Advisory: California Guy‘s appearance contains explicit language.

Special Thanks to California Guy and Alex “2.0” for joining the show!

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Round Table Show W/ William B Nunn

Join the cast of the round table as they welcome William Bond Nunn who is a musician, movie and television fan, filmmaker, gamer, comic book fan, college student, and a nerd who loves to share his thoughts on what he loves (and sometimes hates.) William will join us live for the entire show to talk all things geek with us. Lot’s of news to cover, and talk about. Make sure you tune in!

please call in at (786) 245-8127 or find us on skype PSN RADIO!

To listen in on your mobile or tablet device you can also click PSN RADIO or look us up on “TuneIN.”

For the podcast:

zt1iyf7rWilliam is currently co-writing a script for an upcoming film. He’s definitely one of those guys that not only loves to watch movies, but learn about how they were made and put together, which is one of the reasons why he has such a love for seeing movies, making movies, and talking about them.  Until last year he wrote movie reviews over at but currently he’s a student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a major in Journalism and Electronic Media and Pellissippi State Community College with a major in Video Production.

William has acted in the short film: Marriage Proposal to Mallorey as Gandalf the White and Thor and helped with most of the camerawork throughout the film.  He also wrote and directed the short film: Batman vs Bane Part 1 as a class project in preparation for the release of The Dark Knight Rises. He wants to continue making movies and other short films, but his main goal is to not only make a movie, but to make the music for his movie as well.

He loves movie scores and soundtracks and believes that a movie doesn’t truly come to life till the music starts playing.

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Round Table Show “RIP Breaking Bad!!!”

Tonight Jackal, Crossfire, Johnny Alpha and Alex now re-named Alex 2.0 talk about their predictions of the Breaking Bad finale. California Guy is MIA! Later in the show Johnny Alpha gives a positive review of the movie Iceman and Jackal praises the movie Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. Zodwriter drops by the show a bit late and gives a glowing review of Curse of Chucky which leads to a quick discussion of modern horror films. The group also gives their first thoughts on the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agent of Shield. Finally after talking about Star Wars and VHS tapes, Oscar Benjamin aka The Compasionate Wolf & Skorpio call in to talk about random stuff & things and the show goes 1 hour of overtime.

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