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Skywatchers Radio W/ [1st Hour] Bill & Nancy Birnes, James Swagger! + [2nd Hour] Chris Brown, Tim Swartz, Mr UFO Tim Beckley! LIVE!

009Join us as we welcome none other then Will William Birnes, Nancy Birnes, James Swagger, Chris Brown, Mr UFO Tim Beckley, and Mr Conspiracy Journal himself Tim Swartz to the show! For this very special episode which marks our very first show on Wednesday nights at 10pm est. to Midnight!

1st Hour
We are joined by William Birnes & Nancy Hayfield Birnes!

2nd Hour
We are joined by Chris Brown, Tim Swartz & Mr UFO Tim Beckley!

We want to take your calls, and so we will have open lines all night folks! Call in, and ask our guests anything you like!

You better call in at (786) 245-8127 or find us on skype PSN RADIO!

To listen in on your mobile or tablet device you can also click PSN RADIO or look us up on “TuneIN.”


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Future Theater W/ Robert Luca, and Betty Luca

0020Tonight we will be talking to Robert Luca, husband to Betty Luca who became famous as a result of the Raymond Fowler book The Andreasson Affair. A full version of the story is on the show page, so check it out!

Click here for a nice free download of the entire Andreasson/Luca story, as told from several perspectives. This article ran in the April 2007 issue of UFO Magazine and the reporting was done by Sean Casteel.

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Future Theater W/ Regan Lee

0020Tonight we are going to delve a bit into the more spacey or weird or supernatural or the-what? of paranormal events with our good pal Regan Lee.

Regan has been writing and reporting on UFO and paranormal topics for several years now, including her Orange Org column on the web and in the now-defunct UFO Magazine. She also writes regularly for Binnall of America with her column Trickster’s Realm.

Here is her bio:

Regan Lee’s cultural heritage includes Russian – Jewish, Native American (Cherokee and Lenape), Celtic, Mexican-American, and Roman Catholic traditions, that continue to weave through her spiritual and creative journeys. She has written and self published a book on the Oregon Bigfoot legend (currently in revision and will soon be an e-book available both online and CD) and has consulted with the media and other researchers on ghosts, hauntings, and UFOs.

Her educational background includes degrees and experience in Language Arts, Ethnic and Folklore Studies, and Early Education. As a graduate student, she worked in the Folklore archives and co-taught a Women in Folklore course.

Regan’s passion lies in art and the paranormal – including UFOs. Her philosophy at this stage in her journey with regards to UFOs combines both the theories of Zecharia Sitchen (and other “Ancient Astronaut” schools) as well as the existence of another reality; the “Goblin Universe” where beings are often mistaken for UFOs.

She joined the BoA staff in December of 2005 and also hosts her own blog, The Orange Orb.

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The Zodwriter Show W/ Roberto Williams


Roberto Williams

Writer, Director, Playwrite Roberto Williams returns to The ZodWriter Show to celebrate the upcoming debut of his Batman stage play Fathers Of The Dark Knight! This interview is fun, informative and awesome. Don’t miss the epic debate of sorts at the end of the show between Roberto Williams and‘s Tha Jackal!

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The Zodwriter Show W/ GiGi Walker

Gariana WalkerBIndependent singer/songwriter GiGi Walker talks about her future plans and shares insight behind her music. This show is full of fun discussion and great music. Get ready to be entertained! Special Thanks to Victoria from CyberLoveTalk for co-hosting!

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