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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head W/ Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney is the author of numerous fiction series, including Wingman, ChopperOps, Starhawk, and Pirate Hunters, as well as UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You to Know. A native Bostonian, Maloney received a bachelor of science degree in journalism at Suffolk University and a master of arts degree in film at Emerson College. He is the host of a national radio show, Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files. Visit him on Facebook and at

Show airs Sunday June 23rd at 10pm est! Right here on PSN RADIO!

IF anyone wants to call in! [786] 245-8127  OR Skype us! PSN-RADIO

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Outtasite Radio says goodbye to PSN RADIO



After two, and a half years the epic talk show hosted by Outtasite, and Tha Jackal has aired it’s final show. That final show was on March 19, 2013 soon after the host Outtasite accepted an offer to move his show to another network that’s starting up. We wish him nothing but the best, and will miss his show Tuesday nights the show had a lot of high points like having on the real Rick Ross! Then a low point when Tha Jackals headset didn’t work, and he wasn’t being heard by anyone on the show so he couldn’t ask Rick Ross anything on air. Even though he’s the one who really wanted to interview him, and did all the leg work to book him for the show.

Another good time was when Samantha Serrano joined the show as a co host, and then that was followed by the beef with the Pow WOW over Samantha Serrano being on the show. Mind you she was on Outtasite Radio first! They still got butt hurt over it, and made all kinds of retarded accusations on facebook, and on their show.  Jackal entertained beefing with them on air but Samantha talked him down, and then it got worse when Scott Tanner put his foot in his mouth, and insulted Samantha on air, and which she ended up quitting the show, and eventually her friendship with Jackal, and Outtasite became non existent due to again the morons on the poo poo show.

But I’d say the highlight of the entire run of Outtasite Radio was having on Thin C, and legendary rapper Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs/Mo Thugz on for what could only be called an epic interview. Without a doubt a memory that will never fade in the minds of all listening.

Outtasite Radio was a good show with potential for greatness… Sadly it never reached it’s greatness, and we could point fingers all day but the sad truth is that Outtasite has moved on, and will now be heard on another station somewhere online someday soon.  Outtasite offered Jackal a gig as co host but was turned down due to loyalty to PSN RADIO/SoFlo Radio which are the only stations he wants to be on.

So once again with a lot of love we would like to wish Outtasite the very best on his future endevours, and hope his next show reaches the level it didn’t on PSN RADIO.

For fans of the show all the archives will be kept on the show’s main page.

Click Here to listen to the past shows.

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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head We survived the End of Days Celebration! [Part 2]

End of Days p2All Doomsday stuff aside we survived it all, and now we will continue where we started this Friday. Tonight’s show was to have Stephen Bassett on live but he wasn’t able to make it on to the show so I ran a replay of an older interview with him, and then came back on air to talk to old radio friend Jamie Havican of Inception Radio along with PSN RADIO’s own Zodwriter.

We will have Stephen live on Friday December 28th 2012 at 11pm est.. This should be the final episode ever on a Friday of the show. I know we were supposed to have a new show on Fridays but that didn’t work out so the slot is still open, and I wanted to throw in a few more shows on Friday to end the year.

So with that said we survived the supposed end of days! All I can say is that the Mayans are full of shit…

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New Design!

So I’ve been working on ideas on how to make the site better! If anyone has any ideas please drop them in this post.

As everyone can tell the site was down for most of Saturday morning due to maintenance work… But now the PSN RADIO site is fully operational again, and better then ever. We had some issues which could not be easily fixed the entire site had to be re built from scratch. So with that said now the glitches are over, and the site is working 100% again.

I want to thank those who contacted us as soon as they saw the site down… Means a lot to know you are watching over the network. :)

Posted by Angel Espino

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PSN Get’s SEXY!!!

Well folks it was only a matter of time before we at PSN RADIO expanded into the world of sex talk radio! Well Cyber space has give us adult content before but never like the one brought to us by ZodWriter himself.

The show is called “Cyber Love Talk!” hosted by himself, Victoria, and Feisty Brunet!

This is a show which promises to be both sexy, and edgy… Tune in every Saturday 9PM est only on

Posted by Angel Espino

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