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The Zodwriter Show W/ Roberto Williams


Roberto Williams

Writer, Director, Playwrite Roberto Williams returns to The ZodWriter Show to celebrate the upcoming debut of his Batman stage play Fathers Of The Dark Knight! This interview is fun, informative and awesome. Don’t miss the epic debate of sorts at the end of the show between Roberto Williams and‘s Tha Jackal!

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The Zodwriter Show W/ GiGi Walker

Gariana WalkerBIndependent singer/songwriter GiGi Walker talks about her future plans and shares insight behind her music. This show is full of fun discussion and great music. Get ready to be entertained! Special Thanks to Victoria from CyberLoveTalk for co-hosting!

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The Zodwriter Show “Moral Implications”

toddler with santa hat

ZodWriter & Twinny discuss reality television and contemplate the moral implications of using a software program to determine the look of your future child. The picture of the baby in the post is their result from

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Skywatchers Radio W/ Steve Bassett “Tribute to Lloyd Pye”

thumb-03Skywatchers Radio has been on the air since 2009 both on radio, and internet tv. This show is based on the exploration of both exopolitics, and ufology in general.

But first, and most important we want to bring to you the listeners the best possible information not heard on normal terrestrial radio anywhere.

We will not cater to any cults like movements or promote propaganda on this show. We are here to do honest research within the world of Ufology, and again exopolitics.

The show is once again produced, and presented by Angel “Tha Jackal” Espino the original host of the show who now brings along with him a team of researchers, and yes “Skywatchers” who will join him each, and every Tuesday night right here on Dark Matter Radio Network.

Tuesday 11pm est. // 8pm pst.

Tuesday 11pm est.

The show will feature full time co-hosts Alan Wyler, and special reports on a weekly basis from such folks as Dennis Crenshaw, William Michael Mott, Tim Swartz, and many many more.

So once again the show will air on Dark Matter Radio Network as well as PSN RADIO. Thank you Keith Rowland who made this all possible, and Art Bell for giving him his blessing to create the network, and being the godfather of Dark Matter Radio Network.

We look forward to helping Keith grow his network, and bringing you our listeners the best in talk radio anywhere!

So it’s time you went outside, and joined us as we did a little Skywatching of our own. Right here on Skywatchers Radio!  [Read More]

Angel Espino Presents "Skywatchers Radio" with co host Alan Wyler

Angel Espino Presents “Skywatchers Radio” with co host Alan Wyler


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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head W/ Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney is the author of numerous fiction series, including Wingman, ChopperOps, Starhawk, and Pirate Hunters, as well as UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You to Know. A native Bostonian, Maloney received a bachelor of science degree in journalism at Suffolk University and a master of arts degree in film at Emerson College. He is the host of a national radio show, Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files. Visit him on Facebook and at

Show airs Sunday June 23rd at 10pm est! Right here on PSN RADIO!

IF anyone wants to call in! [786] 245-8127  OR Skype us! PSN-RADIO

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