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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head [RETURN OF THE REAL]

Tonight I return from a 2 month hiatus!!!

First hour I’ll tell everyone why I took the two months off, and where the show is heading to in the future.

A Lot of people have speculated that the show wouldn’t continue or that I would get bored with the show, and maybe quit. Well tonight I will answer all your questions.

A lot has happened in the last few months, and a lot has changed, and with change in my personal life the show had to be put on hold for a moment. Tonight I will explain the situations as best I can.

Second hour we will tackle a very serious subject…
Cyber bullying…. With a very special guest Nick Korkos aka Twilight Saga Sucks!

Only at 10pm est on /

Join me for a very special Inside Tha Jackals Head

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[iNSIDE] Tha Jackals Head [End of the year] “SPECIAL!” W/ UFO Phil [12/30/2012]

UFO Phil

UFO Phil

Join us for an end of the year bash, and also it’s my birthday! Hey check that out another year older. Yeah I turn 35 at the stroke of midnight so I was thinking of staying on for a full 3 hours… Not sure yet if I’ll make it that long but it’s the plan.

As the very special show that this will be with it being end of the year, did we survive 2012? Well if this show is taking place then we must have survived the end of days right? Well if things are falling down all around us, and we still have any time left before total darkness takes over the earth, and this is my last birthday then I cannot think of anyone better to spend it with then you all.

But there is one guest who I would want on more then anyone else, and as most know about me I love ufology! And nobody in the world of Ufology brings more wisdom then Stephen Bassett, and well we all know that but if anyone can come close to him it would have to be Stanton Friedman! Now neither of those guys will be on this week.

But if anyone could come close to those two guys I would say somewhere in there if you look at the list I think we would come to a man who’s changed Ufology for the better, and it would have to be none other then UFO PHIL!

UFO Phil, also known as Phil Hill is a native of Roswell, New Mexico and who currently resides in Hollywood.

UFO Phil writes novelty songs about extraterrestrials and science fiction. According to his official website, he is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing every instrument heard on every UFO Phil song.

He is the star of UFO Phil: The Movie, and his music has been played on the Dr. Demento Show.

UFO Phil is also a regular guest caller on Coast to Coast AM and has appeared on the show live to perform an acoustic version of one of his songs.

In 2010, UFO Phil appeared in the documentary film The People vs. George Lucas along with Gary Kurtz and David Prowse. The movie is a feature-length film about Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Phil also penned a song, entitled “Dear George Lucas”, which is heard on the film’s soundtrack. In 2010, UFO Phil claimed to be working on a way to harness free electricity from the air and distribute it to the people of the world.

This was possible, according to Phil, because of a reactor blueprint given to him by the “Good Aliens”.

Phil said he planned to construct his power plant at his new home on top of Pikes Peak. In January, 2011, UFO Phil announced plans to construct a full-sized limestone pyramid, modelled after the Great Pyramid of Giza, at Alcatraz Island. He spoke about this last time he was on the show with us.

Other pyramids are planned atop Pikes Peak in Colorado and behind the Hollywood Sign.

In 2011, Phil announced plans for a Concert for the Aliens to take place at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in Monterey, California to welcome the arrival of extraterrestrials on the same date. Phil claims blue aliens from the Planet Zaxon will arrive on Earth to correspond with the end of the Mayan Calendar.

In 2012, UFO Phil claimed aliens from Planet Zaxon were appointing him President of Earth.

Now our show will take place AFTER Zaxon comes down to earth, and now Phil is appointed President of Earth!

So folks tonight I will spend my time with Earth President UFO PHIL who will join us after the first break, and will be with us for a full hour.

Maybe longer it all depends on how busy he is after all he will be the Earth President by this point.

Also we might have a special guest who will join Ufo Phil his lovely assistant Zee Michaels. (Who’s of no relations to Les Michaels.) She’s awesome, and very knowledgeable in all things!

I’m not sure if they will make it or who else will be on the show yet I might have other “Special guests” on but I’ll clear that with Ufo Phil, and will post an update here as we get close to the show date…

It would be great if they all made it out to celebrate our survival of 2012, UFO Phil’s presidential acceptance, and my birthday also. But I would hope to also have all of you out to enjoy this very special episode of “INSIDE Tha Jackals Head” so please make sure you make it out for this show… It’s going to be EPIC!

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INSIDE ThA JackaLs Head Moving to Sunday’s @ 10pm!

PSN Listeners the show “Inside Tha Jackals Head” will be moving this December to a new date, and time. The show has ran on Fridays at 11pm est for the entire 2012 season but we got word this week that the show will be moved back to it’s original time slot pre 2012 which was Sunday. As some might remember the show used to air Saturdays, and Sundays at 10pm est.

Inside Tha Jackals Head

Inside Tha Jackals Head

This January the show moved to Fridays, and went from two nights to one night a week. The show will continue to air only one night but now it will be on once again on Sundays. We got a quote from Tha Jackal himself who told us “Well after much thought I have come to terms that a Friday show isn’t very convenient for myself so I’m moving the show to Sunday’s at 10pm est for 2 hours, and sometimes I’ll go 3 hours. Depends on the mood.” so there is some good news for fans of the show.

Friday nights starting December will now belong to a new show on PSN called “The Hollywood Hell Show” more to come on that soon! –  Petey D.

Posted by Angel Espino

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