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[Sunday’s 5pm pst. / 8pm est.]

Show premieres Soon 2014

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The Unified Field is Atlantic Canada’s premiere UFOrtean radio broadcast.

From Paul Hellyer, to Alejandro Rojas, UFR talks to to biggest and brightest in the field on a quest to separate the wheat from the chaff. Join us for a thrill ride into the unknown, on a journey into the next generation of field research. Just because we’re not white tops yet, doesn’t mean no place for us here. The future belongs to us. Don’t listen to the media- BE the media. From vetted hoaxers, to full blown alternative versions of reality, let Unified Field Radio be the next wave to ride into the future.

Justin Brown Bio

Justin Brown is the radio host of Atlantic Canada’s Premiere UFOrtean radio broadcast, the Unified Field (also known as ‘Unified Field Radio’) which aired on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 2011-2013. The broadcast also appeared on Blogtalkradio as a Fast blast bullet point version of the full length FM show. Formerly the International News Correspondent for Jesse Randolph’s UFONAUT Radio as the Canadian correspondent and a content contributor to the New Guard Network. He took over as host of UFOnaut in 2012 until entrepreneurial exploits grabbed his goad. His content on the New Guard Network’s youtube page showcasing his Michael Schraat interview, chronicling the ‘experiences’ of Dan Burisch and his involvement with a live alien at Area 51’s S4 facility, has almost reached 1,000,000 views.

He’s a freelance writer, researcher, website developer, designer, facilitator, and director for the UFR website ( which he admits he left for reckless abandon when he dropped his shows in 2013, only to return to PSN in 2014). As well as being a radio personality Justin Brown had been a member and supporter of MUFON- in his less jaded days, an actor, and business owner. He has recently contributed to a documentary based on the Shag Harbour Incident of 1967, and starred in a short film by local film-maker Paul McRae Called ‘Stroll, due for release in 2014 where he demonstrates his Fortean prowess starring as a pot stirring Disc Jockey hell bent on promoting the ‘truth’. He has also been interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the largest comedy show in the country (This Hour Has 22 minutes), and interviewed for a feature doomed never to be published in Halifax’s largest pop culture magazine ‘the Coast’- the most elite, egocentric clique centred publication in Eastern Canada. Justin is also the focus of a potential new bio-doc By ArtHouse Films, showcasing the intergalactic loneliness of Eastern Canada’s Lone Wolfe in his quest to discover the truth of our place amongst the cosmos.