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[Saturdays 8pm pst. / 11pm est.] [Live]

Angel “Tha JackaL” Espino has been on radio since 2008 but started this show in early 2009, and it’s the one he’s been focused on the most since. This show is very much unlike anything heard on radio before. No topic is left un turned, and you don’t know week to week what sort of guest you can expect. Everything from Entertainment, Comedy, Ufology, Paranormal to Politics there are a lot of things that are talked about on this show. Get the latest news that Jackal wants to share with you that you might not have seen on your local news. The show started back in 2008 on Blog Talk Radio when Jackal left a podcast he was doing with a couple of friends because they couldn’t do the show anymore. He started up his own show, and it’s evolved into the show we have today.

Born Angel Espino (December 30th 1977) in Havana Cuba Angel came to the united states in the 1980 Mariel boat lift to Miami, and soon relocated to California before making his way back to Miami where he’s been since the 80’s.

A radio show host by night, producer of music, film editor, and aspiring film director Angel Espino best known to the world as “tha jackal” has been entertaining people for years via music, and radio. Born in Cuba in 1977 Angel came to America via the Mariel Boat Lift in 1980 Angel knew since a small child that music, and movies have been his passion, and first love but it wasn’t until he found Radio that he found his voice.

After a radio interview in 2008 on a podcast for a friend of his which asked him to be a guest on, he decided to try his hand on online radio since he found it to be a great outlet for his creative mind to flow in a way he hadn’t thought off before. While a life long fan of radio talk shows hosted by the likes of “Art Bell,” “Phil Hendrie,” “Neil Rogers,” & SoFlo Radio’s own “Jorge Rodriguez” and a few others which he enjoyed over the years Angel never thought of actually being the host until he helped his friend with co hosting duties on his podcast.

Together they formed the show “Skywatchers Radio” which they hosted together for almost 2 years both on audio, and video. You can find the podcasts on after sometime they both got busy, and left the hosting duties on that show to others who were custodian of the show until eventually they also left, and the show sat dormant for the last two years.

Soon struck with the desire to host his own show he started his own radio show since then called “Inside Tha Jackals Head” which airs every Sunday nights at 10pm est only on & both networks simulcast his show. The show is now on it’s 5 year of broadcast online.

Now with things running well on his Sunday show he along with the original co host Jamie Havican are both returning to the show which they created. Skywatchers Radio is set to start up again every Tuesday at 11pm est / 9pm pst.

“I love radio, and will probably be doing the shows for as long as I live… I can’t see myself ever giving them up even if I become known as a director or musician.” – Angel

With him having conquered music, and radio his sights are now turned to his main goal in life which is to direct films, and he’s started off slow by directing tv commercials for car dealerships in Florida over the last few months of 2013.

“Just to learn the art of directing has been fun but these videos are my way of really learning the craft of directing in a very small scale, and very controlled environment.” – Angel

Regardless if it’s music, radio or films. One thing we know for sure is that he will never go away from the entertainment industry. 2014, and beyond bring big things for Mr Angel Espino aka Tha Jackal, and on this very website you will be able to follow everything he’s working on project for project will be posted here, and updated as regularly as possible.