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Due to personal reasons Rick Osmon says goodbye… | Public Streaming Network Radio

Due to personal reasons Rick Osmon says goodbye…

As long time, and original host of the show Unraveling the Secrets, and co creator of the Soup Media Network Rick Osmon has decided to move on from his position in the company effective as of February 17th.

He officially stepped down from his position as co-host on the show, and partner on the network so he could work on his other show on another local station in Indiana.

He will no longer be a member of the show Unraveling the Secrets in any form… From now on Mike Mott, and Tim Swartz will host the show together.

A quick look at how the network began. It all started back in 2009 after talking about opening a online radio station together Angel Espino, Jamie Havican, Rick Osmon and Dennis Crenshaw, all got together, and thought up the idea for Soup Media Network.

But after a couple of weeks Jamie left due to reasons which have never been made fully clear by anyone other then it having something to do with an argument over a chat room on xat??

Fed up with tech issues, and other personal issues eventually Dennis retired, and left the show Unraveling the Secrets, and the network as an owner.

He has stayed away from the network for the most part, and now spends his time promoting the website “The Hallow Earth Insider.”

And just this week now Rick Osmon has left his position on the show as well as on the network due to personal reasons which have not been disclosed yet but we hear it has something to do with Drop Box???

Either way with his leaving the company it now looks like only one man remains, and it’s the one who actually build the network sites, and was behind creating the network to begin with. So everything falls on the hands of Angel Espino as main owner, and only owner. That we know off now… When asked for comments Angel said “First thing as a company we will be looking into restructuring some parts of the company, and might have to do away with Soup Media Network. As for P.S.N Radio? Well Who knows.

We don’t know yet. We have been talking about this for months now, and as time moves on it becomes more, and more clear that Soup Media Network just didn’t work as conceived. The other guys who started the network with me all pretty much jumped ship, and didn’t come thru with their part of the plan we laid out originally, and really dropped the ball.

PSN RADIO is it’s own entity, and we love working together on that network, and with all the shows on there now we look forward to helping them continue to grow into the future. But there are still a lot of things up in the air which will be addressed soon.

When he asked who is this “We” he replied with “some folks who you know who might join me as owner.” He wouldn’t tell us more so at least for now we are told that everything is going to continue to run as normal.

Until further notice.

- Written by Petey Dickenson
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