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Nostradamus Psy Gangnam Style Doomsday 2012 – (Video Documentary)

Nostradamus Psy Gangnam Style Doomsday 2012

21st of December 2012. It is said that this will be the last day of our lives and humanity will disappear. But who says it and why should we believe it? In fact, there are a few predictions that we should acknowledge.

portrait by his son Cesar

portrait by his son Cesar

21st of December 2012. It is said that this will be the last day of our lives and humanity will disappear. But who says it and why should we believe it? In fact, there are a few predictions that we should acknowledge. Besides the over-hyped Mayan calendar that is running out of years, we should remember another famous foreseer. Yes, we are talking about Nostradamus, the astrologer who made some curious and accurate predictions. The first to draw attention was Princess Diana’s death. The prophet even makes a specific mention, which is a rarity in his works by clearly mentioning the name Diana. Another dramatic historical event anticipated by the prophet is the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here we can observe the specific description of the horrid bombing. There were even more stunning predictions made by Nostradamus: The French Revolution, the Katrina hurricane, the Kennedy assassinations, the 9 /11 attack and other political and social changes. Some of the doomsayers said that Nostradamus predicted the end of the world by describing the warning signs but not the exact date and that he never was wrong.
So, you may be wondering what’s the most actual and specific warning sign Nostradamus predicted. Believe it or not, the text is referring to the mega famous Korean singer Psy with his smashing hit called Gangnam Style. As the French prophet said: “From the calm morning, the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be nine.” That was written in 1555 and we have some interesting matches with the current Gangnam style phenomenon. The “calm morning” represents the Eastern ideology, the Korean mindfulness. In addition to this, Nostradamus also predicted that the yellow race will rule world and we can look at Psy ‘s popularity as a cultural domination over the Western civilization. In addition, the “calm” term is suggesting that this is a non-violent, unharmful emergence and it will be embraced and adored by people.

The evil that is enticing and looks cool will bend people’s mind with contagious behavior. We’re talking about the simple and catchy dance, the one that resembles the riding-a-horse movements, exactly what Nostradamus is foreseeing in his texts. As you can see, the prophecy is strikingly specific! This cool dance went crazy all over the Internet, as Psy’s Gangnam style reached almost ONE BILLION views on the video sharing site YouTube. Now, things get even more interesting: 1 billion it’s nine zeros, right? And zero is actually a circle. So those nine circles are referring to the number of views the Gangnam style Youtube video will reach when the prophecy will be done. According to the last estimations, the famous video will gather 8 million views per day and following this ascending trend, on the exact date of 21st December 2012, the file will have 1 billion views. Things get weird uh? Now ponder for a while, but not more. Should we stop this hype? Do you think that we should break these circles? Might this be announcing the so dreaded doomsday?

Posted by Angel Espino

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On the Eve of the Revolution I Return

“As I see it: Thoughts from an Underground Insider”

Editor: Dennis Crenshaw


Dennis Crenshaw

Dennis Crenshaw

Let The Revolution Begin!
After watching different groups of Americans protest the actions of our controlled government since the 1960s I believe that the protests that started in Wall Street with just a handful of people and has now grown to thousands spreading to other cities could be “the real deal.” (I’ll be actively attending the protest scheduled for this Saturday, Oct. 8/2011 in Hemming Park in downtown Jacksonville, Florida)

One of the reasons for believing that finally a peoples movement might grow legs is the fact it seems to have quickly grabbed the establishment Controllers attention.

The first “talking heads” who have come out against this movement is the (Weak) Tea Party, which I have come to believe to be a stooge organization happily protected by the Controllers.

Notice how the (Weak Tea Party) has become the Controlled media’s favorite “people’s movement” to report on, and those they run too for answers, when trying to judge the mood of the people. If the (Weak) Tea Party is REALLY out to change the direction of our Country by the will of the people they would have instantly supported a real movement of the people, this unplanned and spontaneous gatherings of people from all walks of life that started small in Wall Street and seams to be growing at an amazing rate.. Instead they immediately appear on the number one conservative worldwide news outlet, Fox News with the (Weak) Tea Party’s opinion of these pissed off Americans. How can the teabaggers have such a great access to the media and conservative Politicians who we know are opposed to ANY change in direction towards a One World Order?

Those of us who realize the extent of the Controllers total censoring of the “news” spoon-fed us by the propaganda machine laughingly called the “free” media” know one thing from experience. If the Controllers thought the (Weak) Tea Party was any threat to the one world plans of the Controllers they would only get this kind of news access and coverage when their compound was raided by the ATF and FBI SWAT teams (with the CIA in the background giving orders).

So when major news outlets immediately hit the airwaves in prime time asking the (Weak) Tea Party’s leader’s their feelings concerning the Wall Street Movement we wonder, why ask them? The answer is obvious. The (Weak) Tea Party is nothing but another Controllers plans of control of the people.

The (Weak) Tea Party is actually composed of those conservatives from the Republican Party and moderate “Independents” who think the answer to solving our country’s problems is still possible by leaving our destiny in the hands of the beltway establishment controllers. Actually those who believe the (Weak) Tea Party “is the Answer” have been hitting the Cool-Aid, or I should say … the weak tea, a bit too much. It’s all part of the dumbing down process that has been going on in our company since its foundation.

The (Weak) Tea Party official stand on this new Wall Street Movement came from one of the (Weak) Tea Party’s top jocks.. He said the (Weak) Tea Party had “nothing to do with these” know-nothings and that the Wall Street Movement was organized by “Leftist radicals and communist groups” who had no money and no organization. ” “No message.” Where have we heard that before? Sounds like someone brushed off the old play book of Richard Daley during a previous heating-up political circus. The Detroit Republican Convention of 1988. Guess no-one told them we stopped blaming that kind of stuff on Communist several wars ago.

Tea Party supporters read my lips “this protest was not planned. It never figured to grow. It is not a leftist ploy … it is unconnected-by-politics American Citizens rising up; of course they have no money… they don’t have the deep pockets that organizations supported by the controllers have like SOME groups; and their message is they are mad as hell and they are not going to take it no-more!”

Thoughts #1

Bet you thought I’d found me an entrance to the underground? Naw. Just been working on the new HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER site. Adding lots of goodies takes lots of time.

But I will be taking you along with me on just such a quest in coming issues of this THEI publication.. I’ve decided to take a 21st century look at what’s being planned, going on, and how much its costing us as taxpayers as the government secretly moves more of their “Invisible Government” underground, literately.. I’ve heard rumors over the last few years of massive goings on underground. It’s time we took a look see, We’ll also be looking into starting to explore the possibility of moving at least some of mankind underground. … We’ll pick up where I left off 14 years ago …. (See Volume 1 # 6)….

Well, let me get back to it. . . . stuff to do, stuff that involves a lot of head-scratching and staring at the keyboard. Sure am glad that I’m retired. Good word “retired.”

You can get ahead of the crowd that will be running to my site once I get it back up by going to www.thehollowearthinsider. com and joining the Insiders list in the top right hand corner. That’s where any info about the site, etc, is posted first. And if you would please leave your comments on our guestbook page, Thanks!


Some of the reports, articles etc. may be reflected on the home site or meant to be combined for more detailed information on the subject matter.

Posted by Angel Espino

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