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The One of a Kind 23 Foot Long Cabinless Rolls Royce Apparition

rr-pic-1There’s concepts, and then there’s concepts that turn into production cars. This is just a concept though and will only ever remain as one. It’s called the Rolls-Royce Apparition Concept and you are seeing correctly; the driver sits outside while passengers are enclosed in the back.

The creation was developed by Jeremy Westerlund while he was studying art, and his aim was to design something similar to how they did it in the old days; driver up front, exposed outside, while the passengers are cooped inside at the back – like a horse and carriage type arrangement.

In all fairness, it is quite interesting to behold. Although there are a lot of boxy, straight-cut shapes going on throughout the entire rr-pic-2length of the car, the overall platform is stirring. It offers loads of ‘you can’t do that’, which is what concepts are meant to be all about.

Much of the car is based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom, in terms of initial design, carrying over a similar front end. From the windscreen things get a little different, as there is no windscreen. The bonnet just extends all the way over to the bootlid in one seamless stretch.

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