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PSN Radio Welcomes “Future Theater” with Bill & Nancy Birnes

There is a history here folks, and this is a very happy day for us here on PSN RADIO. The show is now officially on PSN RADIO, and will simulcast on Keith Rowlands “Dark Matter Radio Network” which is our partner station. Bill & Nancy bring their brand of radio which encompasses all sorts of topics. Everything from Ufology, Paranormal, Conspiracy, and even some fun, and singing with Bill. Future Theater is sure to entertain! Get to know Bill & Nancy by showing up at 6pm est. every Saturday nights. Also check out their main website by clicking here.

I’m Bill Birnes, and that’s me in the sunglasses standing on a bridge during a break in the filming of UFO Hunters, where I was the consulting producer and lead host. I’ve been producing shows since the 1950s when I started my puppet show called Future Theater. I’ve written and produced shows in high school, college, as a counselor in summer camp, for Lifetime television, A&E, and for History Channel.

My first career was academic, earning a Ph.D. and a law degree. I taught linguistics at Trenton State College for more years than I care to remember and then in 1983, Nancy and I started our book production company Shadow Lawn Press. We’ve produced, edited, and written over 30 books on topics ranging from computer languages to serial killers to cookbooks.

Just this year we’ve published Dr. Feelgood: The Shocking Story of the Doctor Who May Have Changed History by Treating and Drugging JFK, Marilyn, Elvis, and Other Prominent Figures. about the meth-pushing doctor who treated JFK and Jackie, Marilyn Monroe, Nixon, Truman, and Winston Churchill; Wounded Minds: Understanding and Solving the Growing Menace of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Skyhorse Publishing, 2013) about PTSD and brain injuries among our combat vets; The Downing TWA Flight 800 (Kensington Publishing, 1996), UFO Hunters: Book One (Tor Books, 2013)The Haunting of Twenty-First-Century America, (Forge Books, 2013) and, yes, that cookbook.

And just for the record, I’ve worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, the DEA, and the National Endowment for the Arts. We bring lots of writers and researchers from various disciplines to Future Theater, and some of them are guaranteed to get your dander up.


Nancy Hayfield Birnes is not a natural talk-show person. You will notice that, right away. If you decide to listen, you will be listening to a writer who doesn’t get out much, and so therefore has a lot of thoughts and ideas building up all week … but remember, this is a writer we’re talking about, and so those thougts and ideas will at least be described in a fun, unique manner.

Nancy writes: I’ve been a reporter since the 11th grade in high school, which was 1964. I’ve won awards for writing, including the Samuel Shellabarger Award for Creative Writing when I graduated from Princeton, summa cum laude, in 1979. A listener with a conspiratorial bent might find something wrong with those two sets of numbers, and he’d be right.

I am the Liberal Arts major on our show — the one who will ask those rather important, yet still exceedingly dumb questions when we have a scientist or engineer on the show. Especially when we have a physicist or a rocket scientist.

Bill is the legal and linguistic scholar, but our listeners know him as the guy who sings along with the songs as we tune up before the show … and of course as the guy behind the sunglasses on the old UFO Hunter shows.

Weren’t they great shows? Don’t you wonder about the back-story on why it was cancelled? Well, listen to our show and we do tell all, a little at a time. We also talk in a free-form way that is more usual to a dinner table in Philly, PA than to radio as you are used to hearing it.

But, these are new times. It’s almost the future already. We construct our mutual futures together when we share ideas during the live show. I hope you’ll join in. Just click the Stop ‘n Chat tab at the top and make sure you click the teeny tiny juke box so that it’s turned on. It’s beside the bouncing 8-ball, and really. Could they make it any smaller? It’s a juke box for ants.

So we welcome Future Theater with Bill & Nancy Birnes. I hope all our listeners, and followers welcome them with open arms, and enjoy their shows as much as I do. – Tha Jackal

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PSN RADIO Welcomes 2 new shows to our network!

Yes folks I would like to welcome both “Capricorn Radio” & “The All About X-Men Comic Podcast Show” to our ever growing roster of shows. More new shows are coming in the upcoming weeks, and I thank all the hosts for what they bring to the network.

These two shows couldn’t be more different from another, and that’s what we love about this network. It’s our diversity. We have one of the most diverse networks in all of the internet, and it’s thanks to all of you. The hosts.

Tues 2PM - 4PM & Fri 6PM - 9PMTrained as an Systems Analyst and employed in the energy industry, radio host James Swagger sought out the megalithic monuments of western Europe in his spare time traveling around the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. His embrace of a multidisciplinary approach to the research of sites, and the larger view of  passage grave cosmology produced his first book,

“The Newgrange Sirius Mystery: Linking Passage Grave Cosmology With Dogon Symbology”.

Now James seeks to gather like minded authors and researchers to discuss similar issues from topical science to historical mysteries in an effort to to unveil our true cultural blueprint. Should you wish to read more about the host please visit the homepage here there you can also subscribe for free to Capricorn Radios’ latest shows and releases.

With a title like The All About X-MEN Comic Podcast Show it’s easy to know what the topic will be on this show. But these two really make the world of X-MEN comics a lot of fun to listen to. Skoprio & Johnny Alpha are the two hosts. “ALL ABOUT X-MEN WHERE WE TAKE YOU INSIDE EACH AND EVERY CURRENT ISSUE OF EVERY X-RELATED COMIC EACH WEEK WITH REVIEWS, RECAPS, PREVIEWS AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!” If you are a die hard X MEN comic book fan this is the podcast to listen to! Make sure you don’t miss an episode. Live here on PSN RADIO!

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Rest in Peace to these good friends…

Jesse Marcel Jr

Jesse Marcel Jr


We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families of three men who brought a lot of great things to this world in the time they had with us.

First Jesse Marcel Jr who passed away today 8/25. He was a real legend in ufology, and one of the few who actually held the Roswell wreck his dad found. He’s someone I always wanted to interview but never was able to make it happen. Jesse Marcel Jr was the son of the late Jesse Marcel who was the now famous man holding the tin foil or “Roswell wreckage” as they tried to make us belief. He fought for a long time to get the truth to the public of what his dad saw, and what he himself saw. He was a real hero  of ours, and someone who never allowed anyone to shut him up about what he saw.

This week 8/17 also saw the loss of Joseph Adam who passed away of MD at 37 years of age.

Joseph Adams

Joseph Adams

 [The one word he never knew was "quit".]

Joseph Adams was an artist who helped create some of the most amazing art work for covers of several books which include the best seller “Deadheads: Evolution” for Author “Franklyn E. Wales”.  The same book which at one point was a film production I Jackal was involved with. The movie is still in development, and I’m sure the art created by Joseph will be used some how in the film.

To view his work, and know of his illness was truly inspiring, and his love for what he did came out with every cover art he produced. Recently I spoken to him when I had some personal issues, and he was very supportive, and he reached out to me to show me some support in what otherwise was a nightmare situation.

He didn’t have to do that but he had such a great heart that he felt the need to be there when I needed a friend. He wanted to work on a project together with me, and sadly we were not ever able to bring that project to life. But I’m very proud to have called him a friend. Even if it was only a short time, and online. He will always be remembered.

This past week 8/15 we also had the loss of radio icon Kevin Smith who was a real good friend to our network, and who was featured on an episode with Unraveling the Secrets just last year.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Without a doubt Kevin was a voice to be taken serious, and one which was really becoming that voice which we all wanted to listen to every night… Just like Art Bell was for a long time in ufology/paranormal radio. Kevin was one of the hardest working men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Kevin Smith died Of a blood clot in his lung after suffering from a massive heart attack a few days ago…

Once again we are very sadden to hear of the passing of these three men. They will be missed, and I hope they are in a better place now pain free. Tonight at 10pm est please check out a special tribute to these 3 men on “Inside Tha Jackals Head” Afterwards we will have legendary ufologist Stephen Bassett on the line with us for an hour talking about the latest in the world of ufology, and I’m sure Stephen will want to talk about the passing of 2 of ufologists biggest friends.

Anyone who wants to call in please do so at 786-245-8127

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The KING is BACK!!!!! Return of ART BELL!

We ran a story here not long ago that were based on Art’s own words! He said he wasn’t returning to Radio on his facebook page  not long ago (Click here for that story) well it seems like he’s pulled a fast one on us all!!!

Check out this post by ART on his Facebook as of last night!

Art Bell

Art Bell

Now I know this is not PSN Related but to be honest folks Art Bell is the host that got me “Tha Jackal” into ufology radio, paranormal radio, and he’s one of the main reasons why I do what I do on radio today!

Anyone who knows me knows that 4 radio hosts influenced me to get into radio. Neil Rogers, Jorge Rodriguez, Phil Hendrie, and Art Bell. Now Art has returned to radio. Not AM, not Coast 2 Coast AM. But he’s taking this a bit more… Serious should we say? Check these links out, and Read the AP Story or Press Release which details his return to what he does best.

I wanted to share this wonderful news, and share in my excitement… Check out the official website for more! Or these direct links…

The King is back… NOW! Wanna take a ride? Join ART! :) West of the Rockies…  :)

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Art Bell says he won’t be returning to radio!

Art Bell

Art Bell

Very sad for all us fans of his show but looks like radio legend Art Bell isn’t coming back to radio anytime soon. At least that’s what he just said.

Turns out we did come close to getting him back on radio, and from the looks of his post he’s not very happy with the current state of Coast 2 Coast AM the show he built, and created.As sad
as it is knowing he’s not coming back to radio honestly I can’t blame
him for saying no. Radio is very demanding, and he’s got a wife, and
daughter. He should spend his time with them, and living a relaxed happy
life, and so I wish him well, and I’m happy to see that he’s happy.
That’s all that matters.
Here is a post he put up a few hours ago on his facebook wall telling his fans that he decided against returning to radio.

Coast 2 Coast AM has become rather stale the last few years. I’ve all but stopped listening really the last few months, and don’t miss it much. Art Bell returning to radio would be amazing, and sure we all want it but he’s not getting any younger, and he’s got a family he wants to spend time with. Cannot blame him one bit. Good for you Art. Enjoy life brother. 
Any thoughts on his decision on turning down his two proposals? Drop a comment below!
Original Source Post Click Here!
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Spoof Radio NOW ON PSN!



Well folks after months of asking “Why isn’t it on PSN?” out owner Tha JackaL has finally said “ok let’s bring it to the network! Let’s go extream!” So now Tuesday nights at 11pm est every week we will have Spoof Radio! for One hour.

Spoofing all kinds of people. Yes folks the kindness has ended. The madness has began! The end of the world might be near. But the people we spoof will have their punishments be more severe.

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