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Help fund the horror movie “Petrified” on Kickstarter!

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Click to view the Kickstarter page

by Matthew Ellison / Eric Wrobleski

The Legend of the Devil’s Tree Inspires a new Breed of Psychopathic Killer!

This is a project a friend of PSN RADIO is putting together, and I wanted to help the cause, and so I felt like posting it on the network to bring a some awareness to the project. So please check out the Kickstarter page, and pledge as much as you can… It’s for a good project, and it’s to help a movie get made by an up, and coming indi horror filmmaker.

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Can Gravity hold down the top spot for a 3rd week?

Can Gravity hold down the top spot for a 3rd week? Just saw the film the week, and it’s without a doubt a movie that will set a new bar for movies that deal with Space. Even movies like Star Wars, and Star Trek need to pay attention to what was done here. The movie is phenomenally well acted, and the special fx are beyond my expectations. I went in thinking it would be “Open Water” in space, and was shocked at how good, and how not like that movie this was. This movie has a lot of action for being such a simple lost in space plot. Sandra Bullock carries the movie, and gives an Oscar worthy performance. She truly shines in this movie, and it really shows her amazing acting range.

George Clooney as “Matt Kowalski” the man who is there as a pilot, and not the mission expert is great in this movie but early into the movie it’s clear that this movie is Sandra Bullocks starring role, and George being the gentlemen he is he lets her shine in this movie. While giving us some charm, and funny lines along the way. George Clooney has come along way as an actor, and he’s clearly an actor on top of his game. Right in this movie he shows why he’s one of the top leading men in Hollywood. But again this movie isn’t about him it’s all about Sandra Bullock, and her character “Ryan Stone.”

Ed Harris who seems to love these Nasa space films, and alien movies he makes an appearance in Gravity as the “The voice of Mission Control” and he’s good in his very limited, and brief time in the movie.

It’s just funny to hear him in another SPACE film. He was in “Apollo 13,” “The Right Stuff” and “The Abyss.” But the movie doesn’t need many actors it’s a very simple plot, and it’s very direct. But it’s still rather brilliant, and extremely action packed, and drama packed. Loved this movie.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

The movie is killing it at the box office right now, and it’s getting a lot of Oscar buzz… All rightfully so. If you have a couple of hours to kill go watch this movie you will come out loving it. Even if you’re not a George Clooney or Sandra Bullock fan.

For me this movie blew away my expectations, and it’s one of my favorite films of 2013 so far… 2 More months left to the year ends, and this movie is what we needed. It’s been a bad year for movies with a few exceptions like “Instructions not Included” and “Gravity” which are two of the best movies you will see this year. Check them both out! Both movies I’d give a 10/10 thumbs way up! – Posted by Angel Espino

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The fallout continues for Ben Affleck as Batman

As you all might know by now the news broke this past week that Ben Affleck is the new caped crusader in the sequel to this summers block buster Man of Steel. He will join Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Laurence Fishburne as the new BATMAN taking over for Christian Bale who played him on film longer then anyone going all three movies in the Nolan trilogy as BATMAN.

As soon as the news broke the internet became a buzz with nothing but Ben Affleck related news. All mostly negative as the fanboy community in one loud uproar threw their comments on all things social. A petition to the white house was opened which later was taken down, and a Change.ORG petition was also opened which has now a good 90K signed asking to please remove Ben Affleck as BATMAN.

On PSN Radio it’s been very much a split choice as some of the host are for it, and others are against it. What we would like to know is. Who’s playing Robin? Matt Damon? But no seriously we don’t know much about the movie since no script has been finished, and not a single frame of footage has been shown. But we all do remember what Ben was like in a super hero movie. Remember this…

Yes that was 10 years ago, and yes he’s done great work as a director, and even as an actor as of late with movies like “The Town” and “ARGO” Which won him an academy award for best director. But is he good enough to play the Dark Knight? Does he measure up to the epic Batman played by Bale? Only time will tell, and only watching it on film will answer these questions. The thing that is clear about the WB using BATMAN in the follow up to Man of Steel is that they were not too happy with how that movie under performed domestically, and might not believe that a sequel will be big. So they throw in BATMAN vs SUPERMAN at us, and you know it doesn’t matter who’s playing BATMAN that movie will make tons of cash regardless.

Director of Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay & Silent BOB Strikes back, and Chasing Amy fame Kevin Smith has come forward in support of Ben, and says he thinks that BEN will be a fine BATMAN. But here is the thing! He’s one of Ben’s closes friends, and the only reason Ben was able to make “Good will hunting” years ago was thanks to Kevin who took the movie over to Miramax, and said “hey this is my guys help them” so it doesn’t shock me that Kevin Smith is now sticking up for his boy. Who wouldn’t stick up for their friends? Doesn’t mean he’s right.

But the fans have been loud, and can the WB/DC and Ben take the heat? Only time will tell… Leave your thoughts, and comments below on the casting choice.

- Pete Dickenson

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The force is strong with JJ Abrams… Disney confirms!


JJ AbramsLooks like the Disney people have confirmed the news, and yes it’s now official Star Trek, and Super 8 director JJ Abrams will indeed be at the helm of the new Star Wars movie.

We spoke about this possible leaked news yesterday on the show “The Answer to movie troll insanity” which airs on on 9pm est. We discussed this, and we all agreed that this was probably for the best but we all were sort of disappointed at it because we were expecting him to be true to his word which was that he wasn’t going to do the movie. But it turns out the joke is on us! Because as Disney has released the news is out now, and yes he will direct it, and even was quoted on the major move. [Continue]

- by Angel Espino

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Script Has ALL Eleven Doctors

PM2687668@I Have recently become a fan of the show Dr. Who over the last couple of months at the advise of some friends who told me that I needed to watch this show that it would be something I liked. I have heard from many people about the show over the years, and I had seen some of the older episodes pre the 2005 relaunch, and to be honest I had never been very impressed with the series.

But there is something to say about what has been done with this new series which now enters it’s very special 50th anniversary show.  While they do a special every year, and they seem to always pay tribute to the show’s origins some how. This year it will be something very special as has reported the following.

As of today Steven Moffat has confirmed that he is completing a script that will feature the current Doctor, Matt Smith, facing a foe so great that he will need assistance from all ten of the previous TARDIS inhabitants. That’s right, rumors say Eccleston is in!!! The producers have gotten agreements from all living actors who have ever played the Doctor;  Tom BakerPeter DavisonColin BakerSylvester McCoyPaul McGannChristopher EcclestonDavid Tennant, and Matt Smith. With some studio special effects they have even resurrected William HartnellPatrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee.

This is awesome news for anyone who’s a fan of the series, and like myself a fan of the current show mostly. It’s going to be very near to see actors “Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith” all on the screen together.

I think it was mostly the charisma of Eccleston that won me over, and made me a fan early on in the first season, and I was very disappointed to find out he only did one season before being replaced by David Tennant who to his credit really did a fine job in the role himself, and only took about 3 or 4 episodes for me to accept him as the new Doctor, and again when he was replaced I was a bit disappointed. But that’s the thing about the show. As a fan one must get used to the change of the Doctor, and accept it, and move on. This show can last forever literally since they can simply regenerate the doctor into a new body after a few seasons with a main actor.

Having the older actors on the show again should be a lot of fun! I Don’t know how they are going to pull this off but this sounds like a really epic way to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Doctor.

Now I’ve heard the rumblings that Matt Smith wants to leave the show soon due to the overload of work he’s having to put in to make the show. He’s been a lot of fun as the Doctor in a comedic way, and has slowly grown on me. They all have brought their own quality, and charisma to the show, and while many many fans miss David Tennant who seems to be the main fan favorite of the new 3 Doctors it’s Christopher Eccleston who I’m most excited to see return for the special. I hope this isn’t some cheesy scene on the computer where they flash scenes from past episodes tho. That would be lame. I can’t wait to see the rest of this season, and see what happens, and if Matt Smith makes it all the way past it, and comes back.

Either way make sure you don’t miss this season when it picks back up.

- by Angel Espino

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Guillermo Del Toro turns down STAR WARS EPISODE VII

So Guillermo Del Toro becomes the latest director to turn down STAR WARS EPISODE VII which shouldn’t shock many as a lot of directors which the fanboys want are the type of people who like to “Create” their own universes, and like to develop films which haven’t been done before or take adaptaions to the big screen on properties which haven’t been touched like Del Toro, and Hellboy.

With that said I’m as big a Del Toro fan as any, and have always wanted to see what he could do in
the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings universe. We almost got to see him Direct the Hobbit but Peter Jackson eventually got his hands on that property.

But Star Wars was the one which always seemed more up Del Toros alley. So it came with sad news to hear that he has turned down the next Star Wars movie due out in 2015.

Del Toro admits that he was indeed offered the job, but had to turn it down due to having so much on his plate already. However, he does give the name of the man he would love to see take the reigns instead.

“We got one phone call to my agent saying, ‘Is Guillermo interested?’ And basically
I have so much stuff already of my own, and I’m pursuing stuff that I’m generating already..It was very flattering. It was just a phone call, it didn’t go past that, it was very nice to be asked, but believe it or not, I’m busy enough.”

Del Toro said. “As a geek, I would have loved to see Brad Bird take it.” for those who are not familiar with Bird’s work he was the director on  Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
which most fans agree was an excellent film in a series which had lost some of it’s luster with the third movie. He’s also responsible for such great animations as “Ratatouille” and “ The Iron Giant” Bird would seem to be a nice fit for the Star Wars universe.

Now I don’t know if Disney wants one director for the trilogy or if they will have different directors for each film. I would rather see the later myself.

While Bird would be a good fit, and a good suggestion he does seem to have some other projects in the way one with George Clooney called 1952 (pre-production) and another called 1906 (pre-production) I think the movie names being years might just be an odd coincidence.

But either way he has two movies in pre production, and might not be available to get a major motion picture like Star Wars off the ground in the next two years. Which is what is needed.

The director I personally think would be the best choice is Matthew Vaughn who made the only X men movie I’ve enjoyed to date.  X-Men: Days of Future Past and sadly took himself out of the directors chair for the sequel in a very odd, and mysterious way. Almost as if to make sure he’s available
for another project which might come his way that is bigger then X MEN.

He’s also the man who brought us Kick-Ass, and Layer Cake both great movies. He’s done very good work in his few directing gigs he’s impressed a lot of people. I think something as big as Star Wars is
right up his alley.
It’s becoming clear that the Star Wars franchise may be more challenging than Disney had originally thought.. At least finding a director!
First, J.J. Abrams passed on taking on the role of director, he announced he was sticking with Star Trek out of loyalty to that series. And not that they called him, but Quentin Tarantino wasn’t too interested either. Honestly neither of those two would have been right anyway so it’s no loss. But there is a good list of candidates still out there with Matthew Vaughn right on top of my list.
Another good candidate available other then Matthew Vaughn or Brad Bird would have to be Iron Man (2008) director Jon Favreau who also like Vaughn, and Bird would be an ideal choice. His history would seem to show us that he can take on epic films like Star Wars, and deliver a great movie.
So the force is strong with us right now… Only time will tell who will end up getting the gig but whoever it is better be ready for his or her life to change forever. Star Wars is bigger then any other movies. This is why I’m not shocked so many are passing on it.
2015 cannot get here quick enough… So who would you like to see in the directors chair?
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