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Adam Lanza the boy who would become an American tragedy.

With the recent tragic events in the Sandy Hook elementary school a lot of people are talking about changing our gun laws, and some are going as far as saying that we should take all the guns away from our citizens. Well like if this would answer the issues. Because if they outlaw guns yea that’s going to work. As we know criminals are great at sticking to the law.

Anyway I found this video of Former schools security chief Richard Novia, who knew the Newtown gunman, Adam Lanza, reveals some details about the killer’s life. Lanza, 20, forced his way into Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut on Friday, killing 20 children, all aged six or seven, and six adults.

Posted by Angel Espino

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Hacker who leaked nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson and other celebs’ e-mail gets man 10 years in prison!

A man down in Florida became addicted to spying on celebrities must spend the next 10 years in a federal prison for hacking their e-mail.

Christopher Chaney, 36, stole nude photos, scripts and personal information from the e-mail accounts of 50 entertainment industry figures, including movie stars Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis and singer Christina Aguilera, prosecutors said.

The FBI’s Los Angeles office busted Chaney last year during its “Operation Hackerazzi,” which looked into computer intrusions targeting individuals associated with the entertainment industry.

During a hearing Monday in Los Angeles, U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero sentenced Chaney to 120 months — 10 years — in prison and ordered him to pay $66,179 in restitution. Otero pleaded guilty earlier this year to wiretapping charges and has been in custody since March. Without a plea deal, he could have faced 121 years in prison if convicted on all 26 charges, the U.S. attorney said.

“Mr. Chaney is responsible for causing dozens of illegally obtained, private photographs to be posted on the Internet, where they were available for all to see,” said U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. “This case is a sobering reminder that cybercrime poses a very real threat to every American, and everyone should take steps to safeguard their identities and personal information on the Internet.”

Chaney, who is from Jacksonville, Florida, apologized when he was arrested in October 2011.

“What I’m most sorry about is that I had to drag my mom into all of this, and my family and my neighbors, and they just want to live their lives,” Chaney told reporters.

Chaney told a reporter that he had became “addicted” to the intrusion and “didn’t know how to stop.”

“I know what I did was probably one of the worst invasions of privacy someone could experience,” he told CNN affiliate WAWS/WTEV in Jacksonville, Florida. “And these people don’t have privacy to begin with. And I was in that little sliver of privacy they do have.”

A nude photo of Johansson that was circulated online last year was part of the investigation, Birotte said.

Chaney allegedly “also took financial information, movie scripts and conversations that the celebrities believed to be private,” Birotte told reporters.

Chaney said the hacking “started as curiosity and it turned into just being, you know, addicted to seeing the behind-the-scenes of what’s going on with these people you see on the big screen every day.”

“It just happened and snowballed,” he said, adding that he wishes it had never begun.

Chaney said he felt “almost relieved months ago” when authorities seized his computer because “I didn’t know how to stop doing it myself. I wasn’t attempting to break into e-mails and get stuff to sell or purposely put it on the Internet. It just — I don’t know.”

Authorities allege that Chaney distributed the photos he obtained illegally and offered them to celebrity blog sites. Some of the files, including private photographs, were posted online “as a result of Chaney’s alleged activities,” authorities said in a statement.

Chaney admitted when he entered his guilty plea that he hacked e-mail accounts by clicking on the “forgot your password?” feature to re-set passwords. His research of celebrities’ personal information helped him to correctly answer their security questions.

“Once Chaney gained exclusive control of the victims’ e-mail accounts, he was able to access all of their e-mail boxes,” the U.S. attorney’s offce said. “While in the accounts, Chaney also went through their contact lists to find addresses of potential new hacking targets.”

While inside the accounts, he changed the settings to forward a copy of each e-mail to his own inbox, the prosecutor said. “Most of the victims did not check their account settings, so even after they regained control of their e-mail accounts, Chaney’s e-mail address remained in their account settings.”

Posted by Angel Espino

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The tragic aftermath in Connecticut continues to develop

Watch CNN’s LIVE TV coverage of the Connecticut elementary school shooting as the story continues to unfold.

Newtown, Connecticut (CNN) — Authorities in Newtown, Connecticut, put together more pieces of the puzzle Saturday to explain what happened inside Sandy Hook Elementary School, one day after a gunman opened fire there, killing 20 students and six adults.

All the victims died from gunshot wounds and were struck more than once, according to H. Wayne Carver II, chief medical examiner for the state of Connecticut. Their deaths were classified as homicides.

“I’ve been at this for a third of a century. My sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst I have seen or the worst that I know of any of my colleagues having seen,” Carver told reporters.

The deadly school shooting shattered the quiet of this southern New England town and left a nation reeling over the number of lives, particularly young lives lost. It also reignited the perennial debate about gun laws in America.

President Barack Obama spoke tearfully about the massacre on Friday and is scheduled to travel to Newtown on Sunday to meet with families of the victims. He will deliver remarks during an evening vigil.

Law enforcement officials have identified the gunman as 20-year-old Adam Lanza. He apparently took his own life, after taking that of his mother and the 26 people at the school. [continue]


List of Shooting Victims

Posted by Angel Espino

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President Obama: I Won’t Go After States Where Marijuana Is Legal

Obama was asked — in a Barbara Walters interview airing Friday on ABC — whether he supports making marijuana legal, reported The Associated Press. “I wouldn’t go that far,” the President said.
But Obama said he wouldn’t press the issue by going after recreational users in states where voters legalized marijuana in the November elections. “We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” he said.
legalize-marijuana-leaf-red-white-blue-flag-300x300“It does not make sense from a prioritization point of view,” the President said, to focus on pot use on states where it is now legal.
“This is a tough problem, because Congress has not yet changed the law,” Obama said. “I head up the executive branch; we’re supposed to be carrying out laws. And so what we’re going to need to have is a conversation about, How do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it’s legal?”
“Four things stand out in ABC’s press release about the president’s comments,” wrote Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadelmann in The Huffington Post. “The first is that he responded in a serious and substantive tone, which contrasted with the jokingly dismissive ways in which he answered questions about marijuana legalization just a few years ago. The ballot initiative victories in Colorado and Washington gave him no choice this time. Marijuana legalization is now a political reality.”  [Continue]

Posted by Angel Espino
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Barack Obama try’s hard to hold back the tears as he vows ‘meaningful’ action

In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, the US president gave an emotional speech, pausing at times to maintain his composure as he sent condolences to the families of the victims and their community.

Posted by Angel Espino

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Families Camp Out, Waiting for the “Miracle on 1st Street”

For the 29th year Toys Will be Given Away at the Hollenbeck Youth Center in Los Angeles

Updated 7:45 AM PST, Sat, Dec 11, 2010

Families at the front of the encampment on Cummings at First have been camped out since since eight Friday morning, waiting for what is more than a toy giveaway.

Over three decades, it’s become a community Christmas festival.

Santa gets two more weeks, but inside the Hollenbeck Youth Center, for program director Jose Correa and his crew of young volunteers, it’s a race .

“Yeah, we’re going to make it,” promises Jose Correa, program director.

They’re preparing for the 29th edition of what they call the “Miracle on 1st Street.” A Christmas festival which provides free toys to as many as 10,000 youngsters who might otherwise do without.

Some already outside waiting with family on Cummings Avenue.

“She wants barbies, a lot of barbies,” according to Juan Lopez, Casey’s Dad.

“I really wanted DSI, which I didn’t got for my birthday because it costs too much,” says Braulio, a 5th grader.

“What a blessing for kids. It’s my first time. Oh that’s a good thing. It’s kind of hard right now. Times are tough,” according to Jesse Sierra of Boyle Heights.

This is the third year for Jesse Sierra with his family, but his wife has been coming since she was a little girl.

“My mom used to bring us since I was five years old, so now my daughter is five years old,” says Maria Gonzales who enjoys the tradition.

Many of the toys are gifts from individuals, along with corporate sponsors like Big 5.

“If you haven’t been before, you’re in for a big surprise. It’s a wonderful occasion, and it’s a good opportunity just to take care of the kids that need it the most,” says Rick Gridley of Big 5.

Every year the toys come at the beginning of the event, but afterwards the festival moves outside onto first street.

“It’s a show,” according Correa, program director.

In order to be one of the first inside, all it takes is a night camping outside. Could be New Year’s eve in Pasadena, or the night before Black Friday shopping, but this the night before the “Miracle on 1st Street.”

The fun starts at 10 Saturday morning, and runs till mid afternoon.

First Published: Dec 10, 2010 11:14 PM PST
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