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Advertise with PSN RADIO!

Would you like to advertise on one of our radio stations? Or maybe right here on our front page? If so then please contact us here.

Please ask for Angel Espino for more details on
how you could become an advertiser with one of our great radio networks.

Add Impact to Your
Radio Advertising

P.S.N RADIO has a fully integrated digital department who manage
the digital offerings and content on our Network websites.

The station websites are strongly promoted on the internet.

The station websites are as follows: / / / /  / /

Our station websites provide an opportunity for the radio brands to promote specific rich media content…

Digital Advertising Solutions

P.S.N RADIO offers an extensive range of digital solutions where advertisers have the opportunity to target specific demographics through multiple touch points. They promote multimedia solutions by using both radio and digital to maximise the client’s advertising spend.

P.S.N RADIO‘s digital solutions include:


The banners can be animated and can also be clicked on to go to your website. On ZB it is in a skyscraper format down the page. On all the other station websites the banner sits across the top of all pages of the website.


Streaming enables people to listen to all of our eight brands from their PC or anywhere they have access to the internet. Streaming uses a fully branded radio player. A ten second ad that cannot be “skipped” plays before the stream starts and there is a banner which can be clicked on. Streaming provides an opportunity for advertisers to target locally (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

Video on Demand

Video on Demand features a searchable database of hundreds of artists. Prior to each video there is ten seconds of video advertising. A skyscraper sits on the right hand side of the VOD page.


A podcast is audio you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you want. A ten second audio ad will be included with the podcast along with supporting banner ads.

Email Blasts

Email blasts directly target advertisers’ core customers every month through an effective, measurable medium.

Time Saver Traffic (TST)

Real time and tailored online traffic service with email and text alerts. Sponsorship package includes a banner ad on the TST webpage, exclusive banner ads on all subscription email alerts and exclusive credit on text subscription alerts.

Making radio work

There are many factors that can determine the success of your advertising. The following areas should be considered when purchasing radio:

Campaign Planning

Every campaign must have clear objectives and expectations and we are skilled in identifying and quantifying campaign objectives and tailoring solutions to deliver results. In order to hold your advertising accountable, you must first identify the objectives and desired outcome.


The campaign must have the correct creative platform to effectively communicate the message to your customer. Our creative diagnostic process identifies the unique selling points of your business and builds these into a powerful creative message. Good commercials must contain a USP – Unique Selling Proposition.

The commercial must have an attention grabbing headline or ‘hook’ and the ad must clearly explain the benefits and results to the listener. The ad must stand out from the crowd. This does not mean the commercial should be loud, it must be unique to your business and most of all position you as different from your competitors.

Try this test. If you can replace your business name with your competitors in your advertisement and find it still makes sense – you are advertising a category, not your business.

Station Selection

When choosing which station to advertise on you must first identify your target market. Many wrongly perceive radio to be fragmented and difficult to buy when deciding which stations to advertise with. Radio is actually very well niched and when matching your target market to the stations available the choice or combination of stations to choose from becomes quite straightforward.

Remember, you don’t have to buy every single station in the market, the biggest audience, or the cheapest package with the most commercials. Look for quality of audience and ensure the station(s) you choose has the right demographic fit for your business. Spreading your advertising thinly over several stations will only dilute the impact you need for success. It is better to dominate and target a specific audience, than try to capture all.

Sponsorship and Promotion

Radio is unique in its ability to make advertising campaigns stand out through the use of promotions. In many situations we make advertising campaigns soar to greater success through the effective use of promotions and sponsorship. You should always discuss the promotional opportunities available in positioning your business as different from your competitors.


The final ingredient for successful advertising in any medium is your choice of account manager. You need someone you can trust and rely on to deliver the results your business deserves. If you don’t feel your account manager can deliver to your expectations – get a new one!! If you have an account manager who is genuinely committed to your business success and provides value through experienced consultation – then you have a strategic advantage over your competitor.

Radio consultancy is a skill and often the X-factor difference between mediocre and outstanding advertising results. In today’s competitive business environment, you need someone who is going to help you minimise the risk and maximise the return from your advertising investment through sound consultation. Our sales people are trained to exceed your expectations in customer service, have the commitment to growing your business, and the experience and backing to deliver results.

Frequently asked questions

What duration can my advertisement be?

The standard commercial duration is 30 seconds. However commercials can be made to various lengths eg. 15 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds etc. Your Account Manager and Creative Writer will advise which duration or mix
of durations will be most suitable for product based on your campaign goals.

Can I change my commercial once I have booked a campaign?

It is possible to change the creative material at any stage throughout a campaign. This can be useful for example when a special offer proves to be too popular and stocks run out, the offer ad can then simply be replaced with a generic commercial.

Can I have more than one commercial running at a time?

It is possible to have more than one piece of creative material running at one time. For example it may suit the campaign to have a 60 second branding commercial running at the same time as a 30 second offer commercial.

Can I use different commercials not made by P.S.N Radio?

Different creative material (commercials) can be used for each station in your campaign. The reasons for using different material may include reaching different regions eg. “Contact your local dealer in Palmerston North”.
Or alternatively the creative may be varied so it has more appeal to the target market you are trying to reach. eg. Different material might be used on ZM than Newstalk ZB as they are reaching audiences with quite different demographics.

How long should I allow for a commercial to be made?

The turn around time for a commercial depends on the effort involved. A straight forward commercial with a simple voice and music track will take considerably less time than an epic production requiring sound effects, a full orchestra and a huge cast of voices! The instantaneous nature of radio is one of its great strengths – but it’s worth noting that the more time a writer has to complete a commercial – the better the commercial. Here are some basic guidelines to go by. These assume the Creative Brief has been delivered to the writer by at least 10 am.

  • A new client or new concept = three days
  • A change to an existing campaign = two days
  • A speculative commercial = five days
  • A jingle campaign or other major project = up to three weeks

How far ahead should I book my commercials?

Forward planning is always recommended when booking a radio campaign. At least 4 weeks prior to the on-air date is usually suitable to ensure you receive the placement you desire. The timing may vary depending on how
much demand there is for the station. Your Account Manager will always advise you of this. Radio is more instantaneous than many other mediums and there is a variety of ways a message can be put across in an urgent
situation eg. event canceled due to poor weather.

Can I use my radio commercial made
by P.S.N Radio on other radio stations or on T.V.?

All creative produced by P.S.N’s creative staff is the property of P.S.N RADIO unless the rights to broadcast on another medium have been purchased (as with jingles) or otherwise agreed to.P.S.N Radio is prepared to release audio to another station so long as our consent has been obtained first from the Creative Director.
This may involve a fee. There is a release fee to use audio or P.S.N Radio’s scripts on Television. Your Account Manager will be able to arrange a quote for this with the Creative Director.

Can I use a well-known song as part of my commercial?

No Commercial music needs the artist’s permission as well as the payment of publishing and performance royalties. These can be very, very expensive! We can make inquiries if you are keen to use an established
piece of music in your commercial – or we can try to track down a “sound-alike”. P.S.N RADIO’S creative staff has a huge library of quality production music that has been cleared for usage in radio commercials. There is sure to be appropriate music for your commercial in our extensive collection.

Do I need a jingle?

Jingles can be a great way to build a company’s image on radio. But only in special circumstances. Long-term clients with regular schedules can really benefit from the instant recall and consistent branding that a jingle can provide. Jingles take time to produce – and require musicians, singers, composers, and studio engineers to complete. P.S.N’S creative staff has variable rates for jingles depending on the work involved, or whether you want the commercial available for broadcast on other radio stations or television. Your account manager can provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements.

Posted by Angel Espino